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Peter Borgna Memorial Award

Peter Borgna’s memory is perpetuated by the Peter Borgna Memorial Award, a hand-crafted trophy made at the mill and presented annually since 1982 to recognise the contribution to the Company’s success by Chairman, Peter Borgna who died in 1982. Peter had been a Director of our Company for 30 years, including 21 years as Chairman of Directors. It was initially awarded to the first-year apprentice from Tully Mill who gained the highest percentage pass in this trade, but apprentices at any stage of their four-year indentures are now eligible. Our Company considers this to be a prestigious Award.


2017 E. Holmes Electrical
2016 L.A. Apap Fitting & Turning
2015 N.J. Taifalos Diesel Fitting
2014 J.L. Barra Electrical
2013 M.A. Nucifora Electrical
2012 A.P. Marsilio Fitting & Turning
2011 C.P. Vecchio Electrical
2010 J. Cummings-Dellaway Diesel Fitting
2009 A.J. Grant Boilermaking
2008 R.J. Walters Fitting & Turning / Cadet Draftsperson
2007 C.M. Marneros Fitting & Turning
2006 S.I. Hyytinen Electrical
2005 P.A. Musumeci Fitting & Turning
2004 P.R. Collins Fitting & Turning
2003 N.A. Jones Boilermaking
2002 S.J. Bowden Fitting & Turning
2001 M.S. Laing Electrical
2000 A.J. Green Diesel Fitting
1999 A.K. Zeimer Electrical
1998 R.B. Hyytinen Fabrication
1997 J.M. Lynch Electrical
1996 A.C. Green Fitting & Turning
1995 N.W. Gabiola Boilermaking
1994 S.J. Williams Motor Mechanic
1993 S. Flegler Electrical
1992 B.G. Mc Lean Fitting & Turning
1991 R.M. Sellars Diesel Fitting
1990 S.A. McNamara Fitting Instrumentation
1989 C. O’Kane Fitting & Turning
1988 R.M. Barra Boilermaking
1987 A.F. Laguna Electrical
1986 W.A Muller Electrical
1985 V. Ceccato Electrical
1984 T.J. Hogan Electrical
1983 W.J. McNamara Electrical
1982 R.V. Ceccato Electrical
1982 P.J. Threlfall Boilermaking