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Tully Sugar Limited produces raw sugar for export through the Mourilyan Bulk Sugar Terminal. The amount of raw sugar produced each year depends on the quantity of sugar cane available for crushing, the sugar content of that cane and the efficiency with which our operation can extract the sugar.

Over the last 10 years, since 1999, Tully Sugar Limited has an average annual production of 260,000 tonnes of raw sugar. Peak production was in 2004 when 315,000 tonnes of raw sugar was produced.

Our Mill primarily produces what is known as Brand 1 sugar. The “brand” specifies the sucrose content or Pol of the raw sugar (98.80 – 99.05%). Our facility has the capacity to produce other types of raw sugar of both higher and lower Pol.

The quality of raw sugar is specified by 11 parameters. If laboratory analysis of the sugar determines that it meets all 11 parameters then the sugar is regarded as Premium Grade. Since 2004, between 70% and 84% of raw sugar produced annually by Tully Sugar Limited is Premium Grade. These results are consistently well above the industry average for Queensland Sugar Mills.

The specifications for raw sugar are made for the following parameters:

- Pol (sucrose content)

- % Moisture (water content)

- % Reducing Sugars (glucose & fructose)

- Starch ppm

- % Inorganic material

- Dextran ppm

- Colour

- Temperature

- % Fine Grain (the fraction of sugar crystals that are smaller than a specified size)

- Filterability (a measure of the effort required to filter dissolved raw sugar)