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Our workforce is entitled to be confident that they will leave work each day in at least as good health as they arrive.

The health and safety of our employees at work is our company’s highest priority.

Tully Sugar Limited recognises its obligations under Queensland law to ensure the health and safety of our employees, our contractors and the general public who interact with our operations. We work to provide a safe and healthy workplace by adopting the Risk Management methodology, specifically:

- Identifying hazards;

- Assessing the risks associated with the hazards;

- Deciding on control measures to reduce risk using the hierarchy of control:

1. Eliminate the hazard;

2. Substitute the process or product;

3. Isolate the hazard from personnel;

4. Apply engineering controls;

5. Employ administrative arrangements;

6. Use of Personal Protective Equipment.

- Implement control measures;

- Monitor the hazard and review the risk.

Our people participate in regular workgroup meetings where safety issues are discussed and solutions identified.

We invest heavily in training and infrastructure to help ensure our workforce has the skills and equipment necessary to carry out their duties safely and productively.

We have employed a fulltime, fully qualified Health and Safety Officer since 1997.

The Division of Workplace Health and Safety, Queensland regularly audits our operations, supplementing our internal review mechanisms.