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About Us

Tully Sugar Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Chinese agribusiness company COFCO.Tully Sugar

We operate one of the largest sugar mills in Australia based in the regional township of Tully, located on the Bruce Highway in Far North Queensland. Tully is famous for its high rainfall as celebrated by the town’s giant “Golden Gumboot”.

Our principal activity is the milling of sugar cane to produce raw sugar of internationally recognised high quality. All our sugar is exported. Molasses is produced as a by-product of the sugar extraction process and is a valuable cattle feed supplement. The molasses we produce is sold into both the domestic cattle feed and the international markets.

Our infrastructure is extremely reliable and efficient, benefiting from a strong record of reinvesting in our people and plant. We pride ourselves on the quality of our personnel and our early adoption of leading technologies.

The Company also owns and operates a number of cane farms, has commercial and residential real estate interests in Tully and is a Registered Training Organisation.

Milling operations typically occur over the period June to November each year. During that time 99% of the energy we use is “green” renewable energy sourced by firing our 3 steam boilers with the biomass (bagasse) produced after extracting the juice from the sugar cane.

Since 1998, in addition to meeting our own energy requirements, we have been exporting 10 Megawatts of excess renewable energy into the Queensland electricity grid when our plant is operational.

We are one of the very few sugar mills that continues to allow tourists to inspect our operations as part of guided tours organised through the Tully Visitor Information Centre.

Our Mission Statement is available here.

About Us